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ICYMI: GW Amenities & Procedures for Neighbors

At Tuesday evening's meeting of the Foggy Bottom Association, GW president Thomas LeBlanc discussed the variety of amenities available to neighbors of the University - many free of charge. As promised, attached is a list of those amenities, along with a person to contact to avail yourself of them.

I've also attached information on how to file a noise complaint, as well as an updated trash flyer.

Please let me know if you have questions.




  • Free summer movie showings at the Mount Vernon Campus (MVC)

  • Free French Film Series every October in Eckles Library at MVC

  • Free access to the Vern Express is open to all neighbors

  • Meeting space (classrooms and lecture halls) provided for free to neighborhood groups and DC agencies at Foggy Bottom (FB) and Mount Vernon

  • Free fitness classes at MVC

  • Free tickets to women’s basketball games and some events at Lisner Auditorium

  • Memberships available to the outdoor pool ($600 individual, $1085 family) and tennis center at MVC (Single - $700, Couple- $900, Family - $1050)

  • Community Memberships available to the Lerner Health and Wellness Center for neighbors living in 20037and 20006 ($594 annually or $54 monthly)

  • Free passes to Lerner Health and Wellness Center for seniors living at the adjacent St. Mary's Court senior residence

  • Access to Lerner Health and Wellness Center facilities for School Without Walls physical education classes

  • Course audit for neighbors 60 and older at $65 a course (20037, 20006 and 20007 only)

  • Free technology assistance

  • FRIENDS GWorld cards available that allow access to Gelman Library and use of computer labs for $25 fee

  • Borrowing privileges are available to neighbors during the summer at Gelman Library

  • Neighborhood listserve that provides information about lectures, events and activities on campus that are open to neighbors

TO ACCESS AMENITIES: Please contact Renee McPhatter at (202) 994-9132 or




Before 10:00 pm

Before 10pm, the District’s Noise at Night law is not in effect. However, a level and duration of noise which disturbs neighbors at any time of day, *is* prohibited by GW’s Student Code of Conduct. To report the noise, please call GWUPD at (202) 994-6110, and press “0” to be connected to a GW dispatcher. Ask the GW dispatcher to take a report.

If you observe behavior that you believe is dangerous, you can call MPD at 911 any time.

After 10:00 pm

If you are disturbed in your residence by noise between 10 pm and 7 pm, the Noise at Night Law can help. Call GWUPD at (202) 994-6110, and press “0” to be connected to a GW dispatcher. The GW dispatcher will take a report and call 911 or, on weekends when Community Responders are available, connect you directly to a Community Responder. If the noise is really bothersome, MPD has repeatedly encouraged us to call 911 and report the noise. The 2nd District Lieutenant will be taking particular note of repeated calls for the same properties.

At All Times

Please email a description of the incident to Be sure to include the date, time, location, number of people (a guess is OK, as long as you say you’re guessing), and any other details. The more people who report incidents, the better. If you wish, you can ask to remain anonymous.

If you are reluctant to report disturbances because of fear of retribution, please know that you are not alone. If you have problems, please email and as soon as possible. We can help. So can MPD.

As the GW judicial process is somewhat slow, it is imperative that we report problems as early in the semester as possible, and every time they occur. GW now can impose significant sanctions when a 3rd report is made.

Questions? Email

And thanks for helping to keep the lid on excessive noise in our community.



Trash and recycling must be separated. DPW will not collect trash mixed with recycling. Proper disposal of trash and recycling is key to a clean, safe, and pleasant neighborhood. Thanks for your help!


The District collects trash from houses and small multi-family buildings (4 or fewer units) twice a week, usually on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Trash must be bagged and placed in sturdy cans, with secure lids, at the curb from 6:30 pm the night before, to 6:00 am that morning. Do not leave trash bags on the ground at any time.

If you need a trash can, contact the DC Department of Public Works by submitting a service request at or calling (202) 727-1000. You can also purchase your own, as long as it is sturdy and can be closed securely. Be sure to put your address on the can (and lid) to ensure it comes back to you.


DC offers “single stream” recycling, so all recyclable items can be placed in one can. DC collects and recycles most paper, plastic, cans, and glass. DC does not recycle Styrofoam, foam peanuts, or items less than 2” by 2”.

Recycling is collected in Foggy Bottom on Friday mornings. Place your recyclables in the proper (blue) container and bring it to the curb from 6:30 pm the night before, to 6:00 am that morning. Boxes must be broken down.

If you need a recycling can, contact DC DPW by submitting a service request at or calling (202) 727-1000. You can also provide your own recycling container; just be sure it is blue to avoid confusion with trash containers.

The “Slide”

When a District holiday occurs, all trash and recycling collection “slides” one day for the rest of that week. In Foggy Bottom, that means trash collection will “slide” to Wednesday and Saturday, and recycling collection will “slide” to Saturday.

Bulk Trash

Please do not put large items out with your regular trash. And please do not simply dump them somewhere. To schedule a bulk trash pickup, visit and follow the instructions. The evening before your scheduled pickup, place items on the curb where you place your regular trash, and attach a note with the pick-up date, your address, and the service request number. Acceptable items for bulk trash collection include air conditioners (drain water and fluids), hot water heaters, household furniture, large toys, major appliances, e.g., refrigerators (doors removed), mattresses and box springs (MUST be wrapped in plastic), bed frames, and rugs (MUST be rolled and tied).

Hazardous Waste

Please do not place hazardous waste, including electronics, at the curb. You will need to take hazardous waste to the Fort Totten Transfer Station on Saturday between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm, except holidays. An additional household hazardous waste drop-off occurs the Thursday preceding the first Saturday of the month (except holidays), between 1:00 pm and 5:00 pm. The Fort Totten Transfer Station is located at 4900 John F. McCormack Dr NE.

If You See Trash Handled Incorrectly

Go to and select Sanitation Enforcement. Follow the directions. The District will follow up and, if necessary, fine the offenders. If the house is occupied by students, send an email to as well.

For More Information

If you have questions, please reach out to the DC Department of Public Works. Call them Monday through Friday between 8:15 am and 4:45 pm at (202) 673-6833 or visit

FBA Here for You

Join the Foggy Bottom Association to get more helpful neighborhood information. Just go to and explore.

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