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Call the Mayor, join a group of like-minded people or renew your West End Library card.

The FBA's list of relevant organizations helps you get the most out of living in Foggy Bottom.

Police, Fire, and Ambulance Emergency, call 911
Non-Emergency, call 311
DC 311 Call Center or On- Line Service Reporting
24-hour central hotline to request city services from trash pick-up, bulk trash pick up, replacing trash and recycling bins, graffiti, report rat activity, vacant houses, yard waste pick up, sidewalk repair, traffic signals and more. DC 311 on-line allows one to upload photos to clarify areas being reported. 
Phone: 311
DC Department of General Service Links

DGS Property Search | dgs (

Public Lands in the District of Columbia (

Office of Ward 2 Councilmember Brooke Pinto
Councilmember Pinto represents Foggy Bottom and West End on the D.C. Council
Phone: (202) 724-8058
Mayor's Office of Community Relations and Services
Ensures open communication between DC residents and the Executive Office of the Mayor
Phone: (202) 442-8150

Department of Health DC Rat Patrol and Rodent Complaints

Contact: DC 311 or Andre Pitman, Code and Rodent Inspector

Phone: 202-535-1954



For homeless encampment related matters:

Deputy Mayor’s Office of Health and Human Services (DMHHS) Encampment Response Team –

For the observance of illegal or disruptive acts in the community:

Metropolitan Police Department – Call 911
Report Illegal Activity On National Park Land - Call Park Police dispatch:  202-610-7500

For Residents experiencing mental health related crisis:

Please call the Community Response Team

Phone: 202-673-6495


The Access Helpline

Phone: 1-888-793-4357


The Shelter Hotline for Hyper/Hypothermia

Phone: (202) 399-7093

Humane Rescue Alliance 

Cat Neighborhood Partnership Program - Blue Collar Cats

As an alternative to toxic pesticides in rat boxes, this program hires out cats who are not social enough to be adopted. 

Blue Collar cats do a great job deterring and controlling rodents. Those who adopt a cat are responsible for its feeding and shelter.


Advisory Neighborhood Committee (ANC) - ANC2A

Elected advisory committee representing the residents of the Foggy Bottom and West End neighborhoods


Commissioners - ANC2A is divided into eight (8) Single Member Districts (SMDs), each represented by a commissioner elected to the ANC for two-year terms. 

Listing of commissioners and contact information:

Meeting agendas: to place an item on a future ANC meeting agenda: contact the ANC's Executive Director, Peter Sacco, at:

Arts in Foggy Bottom

The award-winning Arts in Foggy Bottom outdoor sculpture biennial program is one of Washington’s leading programs for presenting curated public art placed in various locations in the historic district in FB. 

Foggy Bottom West End Village

The FBWE Village is a neighborhood nonprofit volunteer / membership organization that provides services and social activities to help residents live independently for the long term in the FB and WE neighborhoods.
Contact: Denise Snyder, Executive Director
Phone: 202-333-1327
Friends of Francis Field
Improving the West End's living experience through a variety of critical neighborhood improvement projects
Georgetown University Classes for Community and Audit 
Community members may register for classes at Georgetown University  
Life-long learning (non-credit mini-classes) at Georgetown:
Senior (over 65) free auditing of classes:

The George Washington University - Off campus students, Community and Hospital Helipad 

Off-Campus Student Issues

GW’s Off-Campus Student Affairs (OCSA) with the Division of Student Affairs distributes information to students who live off-campus on a variety of topics and student rights. Examples of these topics include general orientation to living off-campus, safety in the neighborhoods, being a considerate neighbor, recycling/trash management, excessive noise, DC311 Service Reporting and compliance with GW and DC policies.

Phone 202-994-6555



GW’s Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR) office within the Division of Student Affairs provides education, response, and conflict management strategies regarding students’ rights and responsibilities both on- and off-campus. SRR review reports of student policy violations. Reports of student misconduct can be made on their website. Neighbors are also encouraged to reach out to the office early to report (with documentation as possible) conflicts and concerns that can be addressed through informal mediation and other conflict management strategies.

Contact: Christy Anthony, Director, Student Rights and Responsibilities 

Phone:  202-994-6757




It is the responsibility of the Off-Campus Student Affairs and Office of Students Rights and Responsibilities, along with other student-facing campus offices to engage directly with GW students. Both offices work collaboratively in support of GW’s Office of Government & Community Relations when the Community Relations team interacts with the neighboring communities surrounding Foggy Bottom campus.

GW Community Relations

Facilitates discussion and mutual understanding through open public meetings between FBWE residents and George Washington University on issues related to off campus student behavior, historic preservation on endangered campus structures and coordination of rat and litter control.
We are committed to being responsive to community concerns and comments from disruptive student behavior to noise and trash complaints. There are a variety of ways to reach us. If you need to submit a report about off-campus student behavior, you can use the Online Report Form. This will enable the GW Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities to launch an investigation. If you have a concern or issues with facilities on FB campus, please use the Community Facility & Maintenance Ticket .
Provides access to auditing classes, library access, sporting events and more for the residents of FB and WE when services area available.
Contact:  Kevin Michael Days, GW's Director of Community Relations
Phone: 202-994-3201 

GW's Community Concern Hotline (GW Police Department)
24-hour central hotline for university- and student-related issues in the neighborhood and on campus
Phone: 202-994-6110, press "0" for dispatcher

Friends of GW GWorld Community Card 

As of January 30, 2023, the Friends of GWorld Community Card is your official ID card for the GWU. It is available for those who live in the zip codes 20037 or 20006. All active members of the GW community are encouraged to get a card and to carry it at all times to ensure uninterrupted access to services, events and facilities throughout the GW campus. Cards must be renewed every two years. Your name and photo are printed on the card and it:

  • Identifies you as a member of the GW community

  • Identifies your primary role (student, faculty, staff, alumni, etc.)

  • Serves as your entry to events and services on campus

GWorld Card Office 

In-person hours, 9:00am - 5:00pm Monday -- Friday, closed on weekends

Valid identification is needed to obtain the card. 

Fee: $15.00, $25.00 fee for card replacement paid with debit or credit card only. 

800 21st St NW, University Student Center, Suite G05
Washington, DC 20052

Phone: 202-994-1795

GWU Alumni Office

1922 F Street, NW, Suite 202
Washington, DC 20052
Phone: 202-994-6435


Helipad - GWU Hospital (partnered with Universal Health Services)

As per an agreement with the community, the hospital is required to share flight info with the ANC within 72 hours for flights between 11:01 pm and 5:59 am.

Helicopter/helipad questions and concerns

Contact: Courtney Clarke,

Phone: 202-715-4445 or 833-910-1842

Email: or

Historic Preservation for Homes in the Historic District

Prior to applying for a building permit, property owners are encouraged to contact the Historic Preservation Office (HPO).  


Foggy Bottom Historic District HPO staff contacts:

Tim Dennée

Phone: 202/442-8847, 


Imania Price

Phone: 202/442-8827 

To request inspections/report illegal work or construction: 

For more information on the Foggy Bottom Historic District, see the FBA History Project page.


Black Metal Tree Box Fencing

Naty at Naty Ironworks

Phone: 202-294-9292


Luis at Expert Welding LLC

Phone: 301-565-3838


Yard Waste 

Contact: DC 311 to schedule pick up

RiverSmart Homes 

DC Department of Energy & Environment program providing incentives for homeowner to reduce stormwater runoff from their property

St. Mary's Court - affordable apartment community-- seniors and persons with accessibility needs

Phone: 202-223-5712

Address: 725 24TH St, NW, Washington, DC


West End Citizens Association 

Improving the residential experience in Foggy Bottom and West End
Contact: Barbara Kahlow, Secretary-Treasurer

West End Public Library 

2301 L St. NW

Washington,  D.C.  20037

Contact: Rob Schneider, Manager DCPL 

Phone: 202-724-8707 circulation desk 



West End Library Friends
Info:   Provides support for the West End Library experience
Contact:  Susan Haight, President

ZipCar - Car Sharing Network 

FB historic district location: Snows Court 


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