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Beatification of the Foggy Bottom historic district’s public green spaces started in 2005 with three neighbors who decided to expand their gardening interests and create the Garden Committee (GC). Since then, the Committee has been incorporated into the Foggy Bottom Association.  GC budgeted funds and donations are used to focus on work that benefits the entire neighborhood.

Under the direction of the Garden Committee, everyone can enjoy the Public Green Spaces: 

  • The Park at 26th Street, the island river rock garden at 25th/K Street, the plantings along the 26th Street curve and the corner garden at 26th/K Street (near the Griffin Condo)

  • Multi-season garden at the Triangle Park on New Hampshire Avenue/I Street

  • Plants to mitigate noise and provide screening of unsightly views near the 26th Street Park 

The GC uses the services of a landscape company to provide seasonal maintenance for the public areas above.

They clear beds, rake leaves, mulch garden areas and deadhead plants as needed.  

The Historic District's tree box gardens are maintained by row house owners and volunteers who dedicate their time, energy and their own money to beautify the sidewalk and alley gardens in the four-block area. We thank the several residents who have offered the use of their water spigots to keep the tree box gardens watered during the summer months. The tree box gardens are not supported by the FBA Garden Committee funds.

Get Involved Or Donate

As a member of the Foggy Bottom Association, your dues and donations keep the Public Green Spaces in Foggy Bottom healthy, inviting and well-maintained all year long.  We welcome your support to continue the beautification in the public areas.  Get involved or share your ideas with the Garden Committee, contact us.

If you would like to donate above and beyond dues, please visit our donation page to make a contribution.

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