Garden Committee

Beatification of the Foggy Bottom historic district’s green spaces started in 2005 with three neighbors who decided to expand their gardening interests and create the Garden Committee (GC). Since then, the Committee has been incorporated into the FBA. The members of the committee, residents, and university student volunteers get their hands dirty on a regular basis.

As a member of the Foggy Bottom Association, your dues and donations help keep Foggy Bottom blooming!

Under the direction of the Garden Committee, all passing through Foggy Bottom can enjoy:

  • A variety of spring bulbs

  • Groupings of container gardens with flowering plants at street corners

  • Crape myrtle trees on New Hampshire Avenue between I Street and Virginia Avenue

  • Shrub and perennial garden beds in and around 26th Street Park

  • Multi-season garden at the triangle park on New Hampshire Avenue and I Street

  • Plantings to mitigate noise and provide screening of unsightly views

  • River rock and garden bed at I and K Streets.


A small group takes on the regular tasks of maintaining the green space gardens, planting, clean-up of tree boxes, weeding, raking leaves at the 26th Street Park, watering and more. Neighborhood cleanup campaigns are a twice a year social event. 

Urban gardens have specific challenges. Foggy Bottom is a terrific example of ways residents with tree boxes, small front gardens and flower pots work to maintain and add beauty to their spaces given urban obstacles. The tree-lined streets create a mix of sun and shade, their roots reduce the area of planting space, nutrients and  water available for other plantings. One of our goals is adopting  a number of tree boxes remaining bare waiting to become more.

We welcome your support to continue the beautification in the area. 


Join the green team as a volunteer. Consider donating to fund larger landscaping projects (i.e., plantings along the retaining wall at curve on 26th Street) or the purchase of containers, annuals and perennials, offer the use of your water spigot so it’s easier to water corner gardens pots, contribute garden tools and leaf bags. Share your ideas with the Garden Committee.


The PDF on the right provides earlier goals of the FBA Garden Committee and a Contribution and Volunteer form. 

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