Garden Committee

2016 marks more than a decade of the Foggy Bottom Association Garden Committee beautifying the neighborhood. This would never have happened if it wasn’t for the neighbors who have contributed their time and money into projects the committee has undertaken over the past 11 years.
The Committee  started in 2005 when three neighbors decided to expand their gardening interests into the neighborhood and invited others to be a part of it. What followed were barrels and pots placed throughout the neighborhood and filled with flowering plants. Bulbs were planted and today they still faithfully show their spring brilliance. Neighbors took on the task of cleaning out tree boxes and even paying for decorative fencing not just in front of their own homes but others as well. Pocket parks became projects for neighbors. Plants were planted, weeds and fall leaves were removed and watering became a summer commitment. Trees were planted as a barrier to the highway system bordering the neighborhood. A friendly competition began among neighbors as more and more people took pride in their front yards, window boxes and flowerpots. Neighborhood clean up campaigns became a twice a year social event.
With the addition of the Foggy Bottom Outdoor Sculpture Biennial, gardening pursuits became even more important as we all are hosts to groups of visitors wandering through the neighborhood admiring the sculpture AND our gardens. Help us keep the momentum going... Keep Foggy Bottom Blooming!
Please check out the PDF on the right to get more of an update on the current activities of the FBA Garden Committee and to make a donation to Garden Committee activities. 

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