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Olga Corey Spirit of the Community Awardees

This award is presented to individuals in appreciation of and recognition for advancing the quality of life in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood. The award is named for Olga Corey a resident of Foggy Bottom who was loved by many for her endless energy and commitment to improving the community. 


On Olga, “Everything in her life seemed to be driven by a fascination with people, and an insistence that every person was worth knowing, learning from, and if possible, helping,” said FBA president Micheal Thomas in 2001 after Ms. Corey’s death.  - The Foggy Bottom News, November 2001. 

  • Lucille Molinelli, 2002

  • Anne Charles, 2003

  • Dorothy Miller, 2004

  • The Olga Corey Award was not given between the years 2005 and 2012. ( according to Jackie Lemire. No particular reason it was not awarded.)

  • Robert and Norrene Vogt, 2012

  • Mary Kay Shaw, Jackie Lemire, Jill Nevius, 2013

  • Ellie Becker, Steve Timlin, 2014

  • Susan Haight, 2015

  • Ken and Jackie Durham, 2016

  • CB Wooldridge, 2017

  • John Barnett, 2018

  • Florence Harmon, 2019

  • Ron Cocome, Marina Streznewski, 2021

  • Susan Lampton, Barbara Kahlow, 2022

  • Tamara Lanham, 2023


Note: Prepared 2021 from information located in archived FBA newsletters (at GWU Gelman Library), newspaper clippings and from past FBA presidents. There may be others awardees, but this is all we were able to identify.

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