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History of the Foggy Bottom Association

The Foggy Bottom Association (FBA) was initially incorporated in the District of Columbia on June 19, 1959, as the Foggy Bottom Restoration Association. The present name was formally adopted and ratified May 13, 1965.

The purpose of FBA is to further the civic, cultural, historical, social and economic welfare of the Foggy Bottom/West End community; preserve, and enhance the residential character of the community; and promote historic preservation in the area's residences and alleys.. 

The physical area of FBA is primarily in northwest Washington, DC and includes the interior of the area bounded by Rock Creek on the west, the Potomac River on the south; an eastern limit defined by an imaginary line drawn northward from the Potomac River to and along 15th Street to Pennsylvania Avenue to 20th Street, and again northward on 20th Street to N Street; and westward along N Street to Rock Creek.


This area mirrors that of Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 2A.


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