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Foggy Bottom Historic District Walking Tours

The Foggy Bottom Association History Project offers three self-guided on-line walking tours of the Historic District - a complete History/Architecture tour, a neighborhood Art and Artists tour and a family-oriented history hunt designed for families with young children. The tours are updated as we learn new information about the neighborhood. The History and Arts tours can be walked or enjoyed from the comfort of home. On the family tour, you'll want to take your kids through the neighborhood and help them identify locations.  All you need is a pen or pencil to complete the worksheet. All tours are on flat surfaces with some slight inclines and are accessible. 

The “Foggy Bottom Historic District Walking Tour,” is available ONLINE HERE (  The easy-to-follow tour leads you though the alleys, streets, and parks of the four-block Historic District.  Use your phone to visit the 19 stops and learn about its people, lifestyles, history, art, and architecture.  The tour tracks the neighborhood’s transition from working class in the 1870s to its current status.  Each stop features a summary, descriptive details, images from past to present, and sources for additional information.  Walking the tour takes about an hour. 

The “Foggy Bottom Historic District Arts Walking Tour,” is available ONLINE HERE ( tour's 13 stops highlight the murals, sculpture, and other arts of the Historic District.  Walking the tour takes less than an hour. 

The "Find Family Fun in Foggy Bottom" worksheet allows both adults and children to explore the four block area and learn about the history, engage in discussion, look for our black alley cat (Kitty Snows), and find the playground. A Junior Historian Certificate is available on completion of the tour. Copy and print here and here

Please feel free to share the tours with others who may have interest.  On the History and the Arts tours, click on the photos to see the full versions and the "text to speech audio" button to hear the tours.  If you want to share your thoughts on the tour or memories of Foggy Bottom, contact   Featured on Trip Advisor!

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