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FBA Announces New Membership Benefit!

The Board of the Foggy Bottom Association is delighted to announce a brand new membership benefit. Effective immediately, if you present your unexpired FBA membership card to the cashier at the GWU Hospital cafeteria, you will receive a 25% discount. This discount applies to Subway and Starbucks, too. So make a coffee or lunch date with your friends, and take advantage of this brand new benefit of your FBA membership. Not yet an FBA member? Well, let's fix that! Just head over to If you join online, your membership card will be sent to you within six business days. Enjoy! As this is a new program, please be patient with cashiers who may not yet be aware of it. If you have a problem, ask for a supervisor. If the problem persists, please email; while unable to respond in real time, we will reach out to the Hospital to address the issue. Thanks!

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