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WTOP Airs Story on Foggy Bottom’s Formerly Obscure Braddock’s Rock

FBA History Project Co-Chairs Frank Leone and Denise Vogt were interviewed by WTOP’s “Matt About Town,” Matt Kaufax, about Foggy Bottom’s – and perhaps the city’s -- most obscure landmark – Braddock’s Rock (Dec. 12, 2023).  Matt does features on DC life and has a popular series on DC’s obscure landmarks.  We called him and nominated Braddock’s Rock – a rock at the bottom of a well, covered by a grate in the middle of a highway that honors an event that probably never happened.  Once a large rock projecting into the Potomac, it was reduced for construction of the U.S. Capitol and to make way for the C&O Canal DC Branch.  General Edward Braddock (and his aide George Washington) may or may not have landed on the rock in 1775 on their way to Fort Duquesne (near what is now Pittsburgh) in the French and Indian War. The rock is located by the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge west access ramp.  Watch the video and read our blog post on Braddock’s Rock to learn more!

Matt Kaufax and Frank Leone in front of well over Braddock's Rock, Peace Institute in background



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