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DC History Center Updates

First, a final reminder to join the FBA History Project at the free DC History Conference, April 4-6 at Martin Luther King Library.  Denise Vogt and Frank Leone, co-chairs of the FBA History Project, will present during the “Poster Session” on FBA’s House History Map, Saturday, April 6 from 1:15-3:15 pm. For more details, see is now open. See you there! @dchistcon

Second, FBA History Project Co-Chair Frank Leone was recently elected to the DC History Center Board of Trustees. Frank looks forward to building on his experience with Foggy Bottom local history to help the DC History Center engage D.C.’s neighborhoods to learn about their history and the relevance of that history to today’s challenges.

FBA History Project Co-Chairs Denise Vogt and Frank Leone discuss the new house history map with Ethan Benn of the GW Hatchet at the 2023 DC History Conference History Network (March 24, 2023)



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