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TEDxFoggyBottom 2019 Speaker: Craig Cook

Craig Cook is founder of ARCHOTUS, a creative consultancy that designs, curates, and advises across the disciplines of art, architecture and urbanism. Their work is informed by the milieu in which they operate, by close relationships with human rights campaigners, public interest lawyers, environmental activists, and others attracted to the US capital to create change.

Leveraging design to provoke thought and action, they look for the inherent value and latent potential in any place, object, building, situation, or idea; in search of projects that allow them to challenge norms of material and social culture.

Craig is a native of New York City but identifies as Parisian. Craig ran away to France to become a bike racer and ended up a fashion photographer. Transitioning to architecture after 8 years abroad, Craig returned to the United States to complete his studies at Columbia University (BA) and Princeton University (M.Arch). Craig has not gotten off a bicycle since some time in the mid-1980s.

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