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Saturday, April 14, 2018, 10:00 am-4:00 pm

Lisner Auditorium, 730 21st St NW

On April 14th, TEDxFoggyBottom will feature the innovative ideas of our community’s risk-takers and unconventional change-makers. With our 2018 theme of Fear Itself, we aim to re-examine the concept of fear by presenting talks and performances that cast it in different lights: as a hindrance, a motivator, a biological response, a source of entertainment, and even as an immovable given. Over the next few weeks, we will highlight speakers who have committed to TEDxFoggyBottom 2018.

Fraidy Reiss is an activist who is recognized internationally as an expert on forced and child marriage in America, drawing inspiration from her own abusive forced marriage. After realizing that most women and girls trying to flee or resist arranged and forced marriages are limited by finances, religious law and social customs, she founded the organization 'Unchained At Last' to help women successfully start new lives. Her writing on the subject has been published in the New York Times, Washington Post and countless other publications in the US and beyond, and she has been interviewed and featured by those outlets as well as Financial Times, BBC, PBS, NPR, CBS and others. Reiss has also assisted in the creation of legislation to end and reduce child marriage which has been introduced and, in some cases, already passed in multiple US states.

Tickets for the general public are $20 each and will not be available at the door. To purchase tickets, please visit

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