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TEDxFoggyBottom Speaker Highlight: Inventor Dr. Mario Cardullo

TEDxFoggyBottom is happening on April 22nd. Dr. Mario W. Cardullo is just one of the fascinating speakers you can hear from at the conference. Dr. Cardullo is a Registered Professional Engineer, the noted inventor of the modern RFID, conceiver of Mobile Communication Satellites and was chosen as one of the 100 technology leaders in the Commonwealth of Virginia. During his career, Cardullo has published over 200 articles and papers in professional and technical journals. Currently, Dr. Cardullo is the Chairman of the CIG, Ltd., an IP company building prototypes and promoting his new patents, and an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, Senior Life Member of the IEEE, Fellow of Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange. He holds patents in electronics and mechanical devices and systems.

To find out more information about the TEDxFoggyBottom conference check out their website:

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