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Happy Historic Foggy Bottom St. Patrick’s Day!

Foggy Bottom was home to many Irish American immigrants in the period between the Civil War and the 1920s, as described in an earlier Funkstown. But how Irish was it really? Our Foggy Bottom Historic District House History Map hosted by the DC History Center provides some clues. Our mapmaker Brian Kraft has added the census information to the House History Map. He was struck by the large number of Irish Americans in the area and so coded their residences with green points, with white points representing other white households, and black points representing African American households. You can open the map – click on the layers icon (upper right corner), click on census, and see the evolution of the neighborhood. This year Brian will be adding census data from 1920 to 1950, so you will be able to see how the area continued to develop.

Foggy Bottom Historic District House History Map, with 1900 census points showing comingled Irish (green), other White (white), and Black (black) households. (FBA House History Map, 2024)



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