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Foggy Bottom – and History Project – Featured on WETA’s “If You Lived Here”

FBA History Project Co-Chairs Frank Leone and Denise Vogt were delighted that the PBS/WETA real estate show “If You Lived Here” recently profiled Foggy Bottom (Nov. 27, 2023). The excellent show provides some background on the neighborhood and a focus on units at Potomac Overlook and the Watergate and 920 25th St. in the Foggy Bottom Historic District.  The show included some footage of Frank discussing Foggy Bottom’s industrial past and Denise introducing our mouser Kitty Snows.  FBA Board member Peter Maye and Jill Nevius discussed Arts in Foggy Bottom and Sadie Conelius also had an appearance with her dog Georgie.  (Hughes Mews feline Sylvester also had a cameo.).

Denise Vogt and Kitty Snows

It was wonderful that WETA visited Foggy Bottom, but some quibbles: First, Potomac Overlook is not in the heart of Foggy Bottom – it’s north of K St. and therefore in the West End.  Second, 920 25th St. was built in 1885, not 1900.  Foggy Bottom row houses are not “Federal” (1780-1840), they are Victorian, with Federal Revival trim which was popular in the 1950s-1960s renovations. But again, we were thrilled to have this popular show spotlight Foggy Bottom. Watch the Video and here’s the Preview (including history discussion).

Frank Leone, interviewed at Watergate



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