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TEDxFoggyBottom 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019 - 10AM

Lisner Auditorium

TEDxFoggyBottom 2019 will be on Saturday, April 13th in the Lisner Auditorium at The George Washington University. The theme this year is REACTION and the event will feature over 25 live presentations, artistic performances, and interactive exhibits.

Tickets can be purchased through the Lisner Auditorium box office for $20 or at

For more information see


Stephanie Logan: Host

James Garvin: NASA Scientist

Monique Turner: Anger Analyst

Jonna Mendez: Former CIA Chief of Disguise

Roy Grinker: Anthropologist

Donna Vallone: Chief Research Officer at Truth Initiative

Ben Williams: Mentor and Principal

Mara Cherkasky: Segregation Chronicler

Alakkuu: Spoken Word Poet

Maryam Zaringhalam: Failure Advocate

Jack Coleman: DC Comedian

Elizabeth Lindsey: Tech Democratizer

Myra Miller: Political Strategist

Craig Cook: Urbanist

... and more to be announced soon.

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