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Regarding the 26th Street Park ...

Many people have asked about the current construction at the 26th Street Park. I want to assure everyone that the dog park and the children's park will remain.

The District Department of General Services (DGS) is replacing the fence around both the children's park and the dog park. The fence was in such disrepair as to constitute an imminent safety hazard. Because it was considered a safety issue, there was no notice from DGS before construction began.

DGS will also replace some benches and playground equipment. They have equipment from an elementary school that has closed, and we are the fortunate recipients.

This is not a permanent fix; that will require the Department of Parks & Recreation to approve a capital improvement project. And before any capital improvement project is submitted, the community will have the opportunity for input.

The schedule for the current project has shifted from the original timeline. It is anticipated that it will be completed by Friday, November 18, weather permitting. Watch the Foggy Bottom Alert and this blog for updates.

The ANC Commissioner for the Single Member District which includes the park - Will Smith ( - is working closely with the District on the project. Both he and I ( are available to answer questions.

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