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More Airplane Noise?

No, it’s not your imagination! In early 2015, the FAA authorized flights in and out of Reagan National Airport (DCA) to go earlier (as early as 5:00 AM), later (after midnight), and more often, using flight paths that take planes over or close to Georgetown and neighboring communities. The resulting increase in noise is disruptive to residents in these neighborhoods − disturbing our sleep, decreasing our quality of life, and reducing our property values.

The DC Fair Skies Coalition, formed by the Citizens Association of Georgetown and other nearby neighborhoods (including the Foggy Bottom Association), retained counsel expert in aviation litigation and filed a Petition for Review of the FAA’s Next Generation flight routes at DCA with the DC Federal

Circuit Court of Appeals. The Coalition intends to follow that action with an administrative petition to the FAA seeking relief from these flight changes.

To volunteer with the Coalition, contact Foggy Bottom Association President Marina Streznewski


You can donate by going to and selecting Foggy Bottom from the drop-down menu.

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