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Foggy Bottom Historic District House Map Project

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Foggy Bottom Historic District House History Map (B. Kraft 2022)


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This site offers a unique combination of maps, databases, and photos that document the Foggy Bottom Historic District community, its houses, and the lives of its residents. You can access the information from this site in several ways:
· Click on the properties of interest for basic information on the construction of the houses and a link to the “FBA House History” pages, which provide more information and photos of specific houses
· Click on “Layer List” (stack) icon in the top right to turn layers on and off; layers include maps, census, and other data
· Click on “Legend” icon in the top right for explanation of the various layers
· To zoom, either use the +/- at top left or scroll on your mouse

View all the FBA House History Pages or submit house information here:
This project is partially funded by a grant from the Foggy Bottom Defense and Improvement Corporation Trust



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