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D. Vogt, 2022


Article on Griffin Developer, FB News July 1999


The northern corner of 26th Street is not included in the Historic District. It is occupied by The Griffin condominium with 82 residences. It was built in 1985 and designed by architect David M. Schwarz for owner Eddie Lenkin. Over the door is a commissioned 3 1/2 foot square cast bronze griffin by DC Artist John Dreyfuss.

Prior to Construction of the Griffin, the area along 26th Street was occupied by 19th century row houses that were still standing at the time of EHT/Traceries survey in 1983. No. 947 was constructed by Irish immigrant builder Peter McCartney in 1886 for owner John Irving. It was a 2 story rectangular brick building with a pronounced bay to the left, with decorative brick segmental arches crowing the door and the windows. A "variety of brick work adds charm & beauty to otherwise simple [building]."

Nos. 949 to 955 were row houses built by J.W. Serrvi for owner A.B. Hines in 1892. They were similar to the earlier McCartney building (No. 947). They were two story, two bay brick row houses with wrought iron steps leading to a raised first floor. Segmental arches were present over the windows and the motifs were carried to each of the four houses with corbelled cornices.

The corner of 26th and K Street was previously occupied by an extraordinary building (2534 K St.) built in 1889 as a brick store/dwelling. The building served as a grocery store and residence for the Peter McIntyre family from 1889 to approximately the 1920s. It was then an apartment building, a rooming house (for male students and government workers, 1930s), a Sanitary Grocery store (predecessor to Safeway, 1930s), the law and real estate office for the Fitzgerald Company, which was involved with Foggy Bottom redevelopment (1960s-70s), an antique store (1940s), and the Jill Hinckley pottery school and store (1970s-80s).


1986 - Developer Eddie Lenkin


Source Material 

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A sidewalk view of the building and the John Dreyfuss sculpture above the front entry. (D. Vogt, May 2022)

Prior to the condo, the corner rowhouse built in 1891 had several uses. (DC History Center)

A December day with housing on the left and park area on the right of 26th Street. (D. Vogt, Dec. 2022)

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