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912 1/2 25TH STREET NW

Year Built


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D. Vogt, 2022



This group of four brick houses with two bays two and a half stories, Nos. 912-914 1/2, were built, designed, and owned by B.H. Warner & Co. as a speculative project in 1887. The houses have molded brick arches over the windows and a dentilled brick cornice runs the length of the houses.

The transom over the front door of No. 912 1/2 has an arched brick pediment. There is a wide stone strip running the full length of the house at lower entry door level.



Source Material 

FBA History Project, Foggy Bottom Historic District Walking Tour, "The Historic District's Longest Row."

The sidewalk view with low brick curb and side front entry. (D.Vogt, 2022)

900-912 1/2 25th St House facades and gardens (prior to 2005) (Ellie Becker Collection, DC Hist Cent)

900-914 25th St Houses during and after renovation (Wash Post May 30, 1954) - 912 1/2 renovation in progress

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