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D. Vogt, 2022


1950 Census - Charles Skipwith (head of household), Margaret (wife), Joseph and Willie J (sons)


This two story two-bay rectangular brick house is the first of the 14 houses at 900 to 922 25th St.. The first six buildings (Nos. 900-910) illustrate how decorative brickwork adds visual interest to modestly-scaled buildings. The houses are two-stories high and two-bays wide. They feature alternating front door placements, and a variety of arches, pediments, and broken pediments above the doors. They feature a corbel motif at the eaves of the brick cornice and molded brick segmental arched six-light grid windows.

The black metal fence is not original to the property. The lawn area on I Street is maintained by 900 25th Street owners.


1958 -- John F. Christian


Source Material 

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DC Public Library photo, 1950s
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The side view of house with public property green space side lot. (D. Vogt, 2022)

Illustration of 900 25th St, by Elizabeth Beers, GW, (FBNews, May 1981)

Workers at the corner house and row in the 1950s, (DC Public Library)

900-914 25th St Houses during and after renovation (Wash Post May 30, 1954)

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