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D. Vogt, 2022



828-838 and 842-44 New Hampshire Ave. (as well as 2400-2416 I St.) were designed and built in 1886 by James H. Grant, for speculator Samuel Norments. The houses are two bays wide and two stories high and feature decorated cornices and segmental arches over the windows and doors. As noted in the the Historic District Nomination, "they are simple buildings, but pleasant in scale and proportion." This house has a transom window over the front entry door.

No. 838 borders a passageway to a small alley behind the houses. It recently had its side brick retaining wall restored.

Ownership History

1950 - Clarence Blango, Harold Mason (nephew), Albertine Mason and four unrelated lodgers


Source Material 

FBA History Project, Foggy Bottom Historic District Walking Tour, "Architectural Variety on New Hampshire Avenue."
EHT Traceries photo Nov 1983
US Census, 1950

The sidewalk view shows cement steps to front entry and a black metal fence. (D. Vogt, May 2022)

A streetscape view of New Hampshire Avenue rows in the 1950s. (Source unknown)

A 1983 streetscape view of the rows on New Hampshire Avenue in the winter. (EHT Traceries, Nov. 1983)

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