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House History

A typical Foggy Bottom historic row house is brick, 12-16 feet wide and 26 feet deep, and two or three stories high. Most of the houses have fenced in gardens or patios in the back. From an architectural perspective, the “late Victorian” row houses generally have flat-fronts and simple ornamentation. Builders used pressed and molded brick detailing builders to make even modest houses appear distinctive.

On the west side of 25th St. (Nos. 822-828) are four relatively plain individual buildings with varying roof heights and greater depth than the houses across the street. The first three were built in 1886 by John Scanlon, a prosperous saloon keeper. The last one (No. 822) is two stories high and three bays wide - it was built in 1878 for P. Hough.

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Source Material 

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