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On the west side of 25th St. (Nos. 822-828) are four relatively plain individual buildings with varying roof heights and greater depth than the houses across the street. Nos. 824-828 were built in 1886 by John Scanlon, a prosperous saloon keeper.

No. 828 is a two and a half story, two bay brick row house. Its most outstanding feature is a cornice of elaborate brickwork with a drop corbel motif.

D. Vogt, 2022


Ownership History


Source Material 

FBA History Project, Foggy Bottom Historic District Walking Tour, "Story Book Row and Foggy Bottom's "Octagon" House."

EHT Traceries, historic area house survey, 1983

The view of facade and trim work above the top windows. (D. Vogt, May 2022)

The front side retaining wall and wooden gate next to house. (D. Vogt, May 2022)

The views of the rows prior to renovations in the 1950s. (Vintage)

A side view of house and brick retaining wall (D. Vogt, Dec. 2022)

A sidewalk view of the house and front entry. (D. Vogt, Dec. 2022)

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