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This is one of four typical Foggy Bottom row houses (815-821 25th St.). They were built in 1885 by Frank Carver, with architect Charles Burden, who also were responsible for 801-813 25th Street and 800- 810 New Hampshire Avenue. This group of houses is simpler than those other houses, which demonstrate more ornamentation and variety.

Nos. 815-821 are two story, two bay brick rowhouses with flat facades and brick arches over doors and windows. A single bracketed, corbelled cornice runs the length of the units. All doors are on the right and retain their transoms.

In 2023, this house had 2 beds, 1 bath, 1 half bath and 888 sq. ft. It sold for $805,500.

D. Vogt, 2022


Ownership History


Source Material 

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A sidewalk view of the house and brick step entry. (D. Vogt May 2022)

A view of 25th and H Sts. (FBNews, 1966)

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