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D. Vogt, 2022


Plat of 814 New Hampshire Avenue, dated March 22, 1996


812-818 New Hampshire Ave. were built in 1885 for developer R.A. Beuchler. The two-story, two-bay houses feature pressed brick molded arches above the windows and doors, and decorated cornices that run the length of the four buildings. They are somewhat similar to the buildings at 815 to 821 25th Street, but the doors are on the right, rather than the left, and they have wider windows. The front entry has a three-pane transom window.

According to the owners, in upon purchase of the house in 1996 continuous internal renovations were made with major repairs in 2021 following a sewer backflow.


April 1996 - Laurence F. and Michele Lane, owners
- 1996 - house held by an LLC


"Positive memories of great neighbors [unfortunately, most have passed/others have moved]. Most of my professional career has centered around Foggy Bottom/GWU/K Street corridor beginning in 1963 when I started as an undergraduate at GWU." (from email by Laurence Lane, owner, March 2024)

"Michele and I purchased this property April 12, 1996 - as our second residence. Purchased property from an LLC, limited information on previous owners. Made significant internal renovations year of purchase (1996), continuous property improvements over the years, and major repairs in 2021 following sewer backflow. The house was available at a 'reasonable' price; it provided adequate space. My government relations job required I spend considerable time in DC. At different times both of our adult children lived here.

When we purchased the house, it was silver grey. We understand that in the late 1980/early 1990s there was a major boilder explosion at what was then the GW Inn (824 New Hamp. Avenue). It appears to be the source of damage to the front facade of our home and #816 and probably the need to re-anchor the walls of #818. In each of our renovations, we have had to address the ceiling and wall plaster cracking in the front room.

Just after we purchased, neighbors Bob Stromborm (#816) and Sue Romano (#812) asked if we would join him in building a brick knee-wall along the sidewalk edge. That wall was completed in 1997. Most of the other changes to the front have been basic landscaping. We have repointed and repainted the exterior walls several times.

Neighborhood changes -- the widening of New Hampshire Avenue has been probably the biggest notable change on our end of the Avenue. When we moved in, crime was high and break-ins from the back alley were reported. In consort with Bob Stromborm, we extended a concrete block wall across our back patios.

When our son was living at 814, he had a loveable Akita, (Aurora). When he went into the military, we inherited Aurora. She enjoyed her walks through Foggy Bottom. Aurora probably saved us multiple parking tickets as the meter maid was definitely afraid to walk down our side of the block between our dog and a couple at 834 New Hampshire Aveune that two equally big Akitas!

We were surprised to find a photo including Sue Romano neighbor of 814 and 812 in the 2011 edition of a Washington D.C. guidebook: Washington, D.C. It came to our attention when someone visiting bought the guidebook! ---- above excerpted from email by Larry and Michelle Lane, March 28, 2024.

Source Material 

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The sidewalk view shows a low red brick retaining wall and flagstone steps and patio. (D. Vogt, May 2022)

A winter streetscape view of the rows on New Hampshire Avenue. (EHT Traceries, Nov. 1983)

Copy of a photo west side of the lower 800 block of New Hamp. Ave, circa 1910. (Ccollection at Heurich Mansion Museum, photographer unknown)

Sue Romano, owner gardening at 814 New Hampshire Avenue in 2011. (Photo credit: Whitecap Books, Ltd., "Washington, DC" guidebook, pg 58-59, published 2000, reprinted 2011)

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