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D. Vogt, 2022



This group of houses (803-813 25th St.), built in 1890, differ from the relatively plain fronts of typical Foggy Bottom houses. As stated in the Historic District Nomination, the houses' "vernacular design elements" include "bellcast roofs, lancet windows, Flemish gables, and peaked lintels."

Neighborhood lore indicates that photographs of the houses were circulated in Germany to attract brewery workers. In fact, the houses were built five years before the Heurich Brewery arrived in Foggy Bottom, relocating from 20th St. (five blocks away), in 1895. But the "story book" houses could have appealed to German immigrants.

The houses were designed by architect Chas. E. Burden, and built by Frank N. Carver for Chas. Early and J.P. Jones. This team was also responsible for 801 25th Street, as well as 2433 H Street and 800-810 New Hampshire Avenue.

No. 807 is a two story, three bay brick row house with yellow stucco. It is similar in appearance to No. 809. The windows between the two houses are centered. According to the EHT Traceries survey, the location resulted in "giving the pair a cohesive appearance, but giving the individual units a sense of imblanace as the windows are not aligned with anything on the first floor."



Source Material 

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The sidewalk view of house with brick pillars and curved iron fence. (D. Vogt, July 2022)

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