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D. Vogt, 2022



No. 8 and its twin No. 9 are perhaps the smallest houses in Snows Court. No. 8 is painted red brick, two stories high and two bays wide. Nevertheless, it is 11 feet wide and measures 528 square feet. It has a transom over the door and segmental arches over the door and windows. It has a three step brick stoop. The cluster of houses at Nos. 8-20 Snows Court were designed and built in 1884 by Oliver Cox for developer Edwin Greer.

Ownership History


Source Material 

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A side view of the tiny house. (D. Vogt, 2022)

A vintage photo of the rows facing the long alley. (Unknown)

The rear facades of Nos. 8 and 9 Snows Court. (D. Vogt, Dec. 2022)

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