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2635 I Street NW

Year Built


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F. Leone, 2022



Following the construction of the Potomac River Freeway, the three isolated row houses (2635, 2637, 2639 I St.) are all that remains of the once-thriving neighborhood west of 26th Street. The houses were included in the original proposal for the Foggy Bottom Historic District, but omitted from the final designation, so they lack historic protection. The highway construction has left the houses difficult to access.

Nos. 2635 and 2637 were constructed in 1879 by Peter McCartney for owner Gilbert Cannon. The houses are relatively simple and are two stories and three bays wide. The façade of No. 2635 has been replaced or at least "face-lifted" with new brick and re-done wood trim.

No. 2635 now stands as a corner house overlooking the Potomac River Freeway. It is brick with a tin roof, and has a rectangular flat facade. The facade features a box cornice with soffit, frieze, and dentils painted white (as is all wood trim).

The building as constructed was 18 feet wide and 32 feet deep.


1983 - H. Boutin and E. Blomquist


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Street view of the three remaining row houses on 2600 block of I Street (F. Leone, 2022)

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