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The 2500 block of I Street features a variety of sizes and styles of working-class row houses. Irish immigrant builder Peter McCartney built several of these houses. The largest group of houses is unique because their set backs from the street allow for a variety of terraced landscaping.

The first two houses at the bottom of I Street (2530-2532) were built in 1889 by Irish immigrant Peter McCartney. The houses feature an unusual bricked arched entryway to the back yard garden and intricate brick cornice work. McCartney built a number of houses in Foggy Bottom in the 1880s. He began as a carpenter and soon established a successful contracting business. His skill with brick and wood is found throughout the historic district including in the corbelled brick cornices and delicate jigsaw work.

No. 2532 still features the McCartney as-built interior floor plan, including a wood-burning fireplace and his hand-made mantle. Swiss artist Daniel Zeltner painted a colorful mural, with cows and the Capitol - it is located on the back retaining wall (behind the house).

In 2022 this house had 2 beds, 1 bath and was 954 sq ft.

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