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D. Vogt, 2022



The two houses at the bottom of I Street (2530-2532) were built in 1889 by Irish immigrant Peter McCartney (who also did the Hinckley Pottery building - now The Griffln- on 26th St.) McCartney built a number of houses in Foggy Bottom in the 1880s. He began as a carpenter and soon established a successful contracting business. His skill with brick and wood is found throughout the historic district including in the corbelled brick cornices and delicate jigsaw work. He is buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetary.

Nos. 2530 and 2532 share an unusual bricked arched entryway to the back yard garden and intricate brick cornice work. This pair of row houses is much closer to the street than those up the block. No. 2530 is two stories high and two bays wide, with elaborate brick work detailing at the cornice. Upper windows have segmented arches. The door has wood pilasters and a broken pediment.

In May of 1966, the house was viewed by many on the June House and Garden tour.


1914 -- Paul H. Schultz
1958 -- Miss Harriet Gruger
1983 -- Mrs. S. Collison


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2528 to 2532 I Street, with Watergate in the background, Nov 1983 (EHT Traceries)

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