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House History

The 2500 block of I Street features a variety of sizes and styles of working-class row houses. Irish immigrant builder Peter McCartney built several of these houses. The largest group of houses is unique because their set backs from the street allow for a variety of terraced landscaping.

The south side of the I Street features nine row houses, built in 1911 (2512-2528 I St.). They are set back from the street allowing room for terraced gardens. Even though these houses have more land than others in the neighborhood, they were built as low cost housing for working people. Nos. 2512-2518 were designed by local architect A.H. Beers and built by H.A. Kite. They are modest brick structures, although a bay window has been added to No. 2526.

Nos. 2520-2528 were designed by Washington architect N.R. Grimm. These houses are slightly wider and have slightly more ornate brickwork.

Ownership History

This house was owned by Ellie Becker, a long-time Foggy Bottom activist, FBA President, FB News editor, and frequent correspondent with GWU President Stephen Trachtenberg.



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