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D. Vogt, 2022



The south side of the 2500 block of I Street features nine row houses built in 1911 (2512-2528 I St.). Even though these houses have more land than others in the neighborhood, they were built as low-cost housing for working people. The largest group of houses have set backs from the street that allow for a variety of terraced landscaping.

Nos. 2520-2528 were designed by Washington architect N.R. Grimm and built by Charles W. King, Jr. These houses are slightly wider and have slightly more ornate brickwork than Nos. 2512-2518. The covered porch at No. 2520 may not be original to this two-story, three bay first floor, two bay second floor house. The door has a transom and the dentilled wood cornice is shared with No. 2522. The house is 16'4" wide.


1914 - Mrs. Annie Thomas


My Grandmother was known n the neighborhood as Mama Carmichael. Our family lived in 2512 around 1918? Until about 1957 or longer. My dad was born in that house in 1920. I was born in 1940 .
Family Matriarch- Eleanora Carmichael. The Carmichael’s Eleanora, her dad Anatole (Chalk) McKann- he didn’t live there-came to visit - Grandad Alonzo. (in photo -- Left front row Roland - my dad, Lloyd and Alonzo.

Dorothy Carmichael- lived there Bill Minor lived in both 2518 and 2520 I St. My sister Shelia Carmichael came over every summer. Lived across town with my Dad and his wife. Excerpt from email to Raj N, 2021

Source Material 

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Street view (D. Vogt, May 2022)

2400-2402 I St (summer, prior to 2015) (Ellie Becker Collection, DC Hist Center)

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