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D. Vogt, 2022



The south side of the 2500 block of I Street features nine row houses, built in 1911 (2512-2528 I St.). They are brick, two-bays-wide and two stories high. They are set back from the street allowing room for terraced gardens. Even though these houses have more land than others in the neighborhood, they were built as low cost housing for working people.

Nos. 2512-2518 were designed by local architect A.H. Beers and built by H.A. Kite. They are modest brick structures and No. 2514 is similar to No. 2512. It has a bracketed wood cornice and stone lintels over the door and windows. In 1983, the front door had wide wood pilasters topped by a triangular pediment.


Vacant, 1914


"I lived at 2514 I St. I was there from Jan 1970 to 1976 when I moved around the corner to 2525 Queen Anne's Lane where I am now. From 1958 to 1960 or so I lived in the apartment which is now The Melrose Hotel. I moved because they just started to build the underpass of Washington Circle and that took away all of the free parking!! I lived in southeast until I bought 2514 I St." Excerpt from email by A. Emmet, 8/2021

Source Material 

Boyds City Directory, 1914
EHT Traceries, history house survey and photo 1983
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Street view (D. Vogt, May 2022)

2506 and 2508 I St., Nov. 1983 (EHT Traceries)

2514 I Street with unfortunate roof-top addition, April 2024 (F. Leone)

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