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D. Vogt, 2022


The Carmichael family and extended family lived on I St for many years. US Census 1950


The south side of the 2500 block of I Street features nine row houses, built in 1911 (2512-2528 I Street). They are brick, two-bays-wide and two stories high. They are set back from the street allowing room for terraced gardens. Even though these houses have more land than others in the neighborhood, they were built as low-cost housing for working people.

Nos. 2512-2518 were designed by local architect A.H. Beers and built by H.A. Kite. They are modest brick structures and No. 2512 is the least decorative. It has a bracketed wood cornice and stone lintels over the door and windows. It borders on a vacant lot (2510 I St.)

In 2005, the owner of the house pursued historic review approval to add a three-story rear brick addition and roof deck to the two story rowhouse.


1914 - Harry Lee
1950s - Alonzo and Elenora Carmichael and family
2005 - Rick Donnell


I did send photos to a neighbor (Neeraj) in 2020 regarding an encounter I had with a woman who had family that lived on the 2500 block of I Street. I met her on the street and we talked about the neighborhood.
Just to clear things up, I do not live in Foggy Bottom. I bought 2520 I in the mid to late 90s and used it as my/my husband's office. We are self-employed and did international consulting and were renting office space in Rosslyn at the time. I then bought a few other properties over the years (910 New Hampshire, 830 New Hampshire, 2518 I and 2522 I Street); I still own 2520 and 2518 I Street.

I mentioned to Neeraj; oftentimes I encounter and engage with folks that come back to the neighborhood and reminisce about growing up in a certain house and the memories come flooding out. I find it fascinating. One woman Dorothy - the Carmichael Family - sent me photos and I passed them on to Neeraj. Her family lived at 2512 I St. She remembered visiting the neighborhood as a child. Excerpt from email from Diana Tiberi, 2/2021

** *
My Grandmother was known in the neighborhood as Mama Carmichael. Our family lived in 2512 around 1918? Until about 1957 or longer. My dad was born in that house in 1920. I was born in 1940 .

Dorothy Carmichael- lived there Bill Minor lived in both 2518 and 2520. My sister Shelia Carmichael came over every summer. Lived across town with my Dad and his wife. Excerpt from email to Raj N, 2021

Source Material 

Boyds City Directory, 1914
FBA History Project, "Rows with Spacious Front Gardens." Clio: Your Guide to History.
US Census 1950

Street view (D. Vogt, May 2022)

North side of 2500 block of I Street, showing wood frame houses (now demolished) and a young Carmichael resident (private collection)

Family Matriarch - Eleonora Carmichael (family collection)

The Carmichael’s -- Eleanora, her dad Anatole (Chalk) McKann- he didn’t live there-came to visit - Grandad Alonzo. (in photo -- Left front row Roland , Lloyd and Alonzo

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