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Unhoused Neighbors

The challenges faced by our unhoused neighbors are difficult, multifaceted, with many causes and complexities. To solve the problem, we as a city – and as a community – continue to work together to find affordable housing, connect folks to services, and mitigate the challenges that encampments can create. It is a challenge to keep our community safe for all?


This is a significant problem in every community in the District, but Ward 2 faces unique challenges. We work with leaders of District agencies, the ANC and other neighborhood groups, to place folks in safe homes and ensure all have the care they may need. This is an ongoing effort, and our participation and compassion is essential.  The media list below shares articles as early as 

2018 to help illustrate the long-standing challenges the City faces. 






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Michelle Obama, Miriam's Kitchen, Soup Kitchen, DC Soup Kitchen, Feeding the homeless,

Former First Lady Michelle Obama serving food at Miriam's Kitchen, Foggy Bottom's neighborhood soup kitchen

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