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D. Vogt, 2022


Indicates Eva Johnson as head of house, 1950 U.S. Census


The 2500 block of I Street features a variety of sizes and styles of working-class row houses. Irish immigrant builder Peter McCartney built No. 2508 in 1887 for Thomas Cahill.

The brick two story, two and a half bay detached house is unusual in that the main entrance is located on the side of the structure, with an additional door at the basement level facing I Street. There is a window above the side entrance, which overlooks a rare vacant lot (2510 I St.). The I Street door has a modern metal hood presently set below the water table. The windows vary in width and have a decorative brick motif at the top. The cornice has elaborate brick work with corbels and dentil motif. Note the delicate jigsaw work above the windows and door.

In June 1966, the house and gardens were viewed by many on the FB House and Garden tour.

As of May 2024, the lot next to the house remains vacant. "There was apparently a small house on the lot from the 1880 to the 1960s, and it has been vacant ever since. I'm not sure why the recently deceased owner kept it vacant." as recollected by Ann Rennie, May 2024.


1890 - David Dodson, tinner (City Directory)
1914 - Edward J Garvey, Jr. , a tinner, and Thomas Welby
1950s - Eva Johnson and roomers
1966 - Reverend and Mrs. F Everett Abbott
1983 - Thomas Cahill
- Catherine Bessant
1998 - Ann Rennie


Ann Rennie bought the house in 1998. "I loved the look and the feel of the Historic District. Also, it was easy walking distance to my work at the World Bank. I renovated the kitchen and baths, but the internal structure has remained unchanged. I believe the former owner [Catherine Bessant] was on the Board of Govenors of the Federal Reserve, and subsequently a senior banker at Bank of America. I never met her and her sales contract was with a company. ... (On why the house has a side entry door) ... I have no idea -- it pre-dated me by a long shot " Email to D. Vogt from Ann Rennie, May 17, 2024

Source Material 

Boyds City Directory, 1914
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Street view (D. Vogt, May 2022)

2506 and 2508 I Street , Nov 1983 (EHT Traceries)

2508 I St. street view, April 2024 (F. Leone)

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