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D. Vogt, 2022


FBA News Article on owner Herb Sock's role in international vaccinations (2/1958)


Nos. 2503-2507 were designed in 1892 by Thomas Francis Jr. and built by George W. Dove for T.B. Harrison. They feature large projecting bays and a strong vertical brick cornice. No. 2507 is currently being extensively renovated, while keeping the façade (more or less) – the one next to it (No. 2505) is in dire need of renovation (as of February 2023).

No. 2503 is a brick two-story, L-shaped, two bays wide house. The wooden entry door is in the recessed section of the L. An oculus is above the front door at the second floor level. In 1982, the projecting section of the L- bay had a pair of 24/24 double hung windows. The corners of the row are chamfered below the cornice line. The cornice has a simple brick motif and projecting eaves. (EHT Traceries)


1914 - Walter S Buckley
1959 - Herb Socks and George Mackinnon (Herb Socks was and early FBA president.)
1982 - T.B. Harrison


Source Material 

Boyds City Directory, 1914
EHT Traceries, historic building survey and photo, 6/1982
FBA History Project, "Rows with Spacious Front Gardens." Clio: Your Guide to History.

Street view (D. Vogt, May 2022)

2507-2503 I St., 1983 (EHT Traceries)

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