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D. Vogt, 2022



The group of houses at Nos. 2421 to 2427 was built in 1889 for Wm. Tayloe Snyder, designed by Chas. Burden, and built by Joseph Burden. According to the Historic District Nomination, these houses "offer simple interpretations of the English vernacular design that gained popularity with the emergence of the English Arts and Crafts style. This early use is unusual and indicates a level of stylistic awareness that was not typical of Foggy Bottom.... The recessed entries and individually proportioned fenestration add to the charming character of this row."

The house features a sloping mansard roof flaring in to a gambrel similar to 2423 I Street, except the entrance is not recessed. The shingling pattern extends to this house from its neighbor. The front door and first floor windows are capped by matching fanlights. A picket fence that existed in 1983 was replaced by a black iron fence as of 2022. (EHT Traceries)


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Betty Miller, Wilhelmine Miller (mother), 6/1959
Joe L Oppenheimer, 1983


Re: our animal population. ... [in 1954]. This era was climaxed by the notorious unmarried mother called Lady who had her litter under the newly laid floor of 2425 Eye Street (Betty Miller's house) which at that time was being remodeled by Binx Kuhn. The extrication of the puppies from under the flooring, involving pulling up a brand new floor and the combined efforts of Binx, his workmen and the Animal Rescue League, made the front page," Excerpt Foggy Bottom News, "From the Bottom Up," by Rhea Radin, June 1959

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Street view (D. Vogt, May 2022)

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