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D. Vogt, 2022


Article by Woods Hansen, about the first row house renovation in FB by realtor Benjamin Burch, Wash. Star, Aug. 6, 1964 (Photos and continuation of the article not included.)


The group of houses at Nos. 2421 to 2427 was built in 1889 for Wm. Tayloe Snyder, designed by Chas. Burden, and built by Joseph Burden. According to the Historic District Nomination, these houses "offer simple interpretations of the English vernacular design that gained popularity with the emergence of the English Arts and Crafts style. This early use is unusual and indicates a level of stylistic awareness that was not typical of Foggy Bottom.... The recessed entries and individually proportioned fenestration add to the charming character of this row."

Houses 2423 - 2427 I St. were built as an investment for the Tayloe family. They held on to them for 60 years and were initially rented to white workers. (A. Hoagland)

The house features a sloping exaggerated Mansard roof becoming a gambrel. The roof fills the second floor and is punctured by a gabled wood dormer with a pair of 6/6 windows. There is a large archway leading to entrance door. A picket fence surrounds the front yard from at least 1983 to the present. (EHT Traceries). The front entry level windows have rope pulls to lower/raise as of summer 2023.


1914 - Vacant
1950 - Phyllis Stockman
6/1959 - Van Wagenens
11/1983 - John L and MM Landgraf
- 2023 student rental


Source Material 

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Street view (D. Vogt, May 2022)

Tiled powder room, (D. Vogt, June 2023)

Rear facade, screen door into kitchen, (D.Vogt, June 2023)

Interior open stairway on entry level cuts through the center of the house. The arched front windows are n background. (D. Vogt, 2023)

Front entry alcove with clear glass transom window. (D. Vogt, 2023)

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