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D. Vogt, 2022



2418 to 2424 I Street replace earlier row houses that were demolished. They were built by R. A. Elridge during the period of Foggy Bottom restoration in 1957. They comprise two sets of paired brick houses with two bays, three stories, and a garage.


1914 - vacant
1958 - Robert D. Davis
1986-1988 ? George and Anne Higgins


Neighbor M.Prenty at 2418 recalls the two houses shared a common back yard in 1968. He says the black item about halfway up one of 2420's white shutters, (they used to be green) is a model of cat.

"I don't know who added the cat to the 2420 shutter (it was there when I lived at 2418 in 1986-1988) but I think I can see it on the project's 1983 photo of the south side of I St. And I can definitly see the new security camera that is now next to the cat. .... She [Mrs. Higgins] was a St. Stephen's parishioner. I don't know if the backyard is still shared. I hope it is because it was very nice (furniture provided by Mr. and Mrs. Higgins).
Email to D. Vogt from M. Prenty, May 16, 28, 2024.

Source Material 

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A street view with cement parking pad and brick entry walk. (D. Vogt, May 2022)

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