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D. Vogt, 2022



The cluster of houses at 8-20 Snows Court were designed and built in 1884 by Oliver Cox for developer Edwin Greer. Nos. 10-20 are extremely simple rowhouses, lacking any ornamental or architectural design.
he doors are at ground level, and generally lack ornamental features. The windows have shutters. The buildings end without a cornice.

In 1959, seven concerned neighbors met at No. 11 to form the Foggy Bottom Association (FBA), as noted by a plaque next to the front door. This group of residents banded together to protect and advance their historic neighborhood. The FBA continues to be active and in 2022 had approximately 240 members with historic preservation as part of their mission statement.

Ownership History

1884 - Edwin Greer


Source Material 

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The brass sign at 11 Snows Ct site honors the founding FBA meeting in June 1959. (D. Vogt, 2022)

A long view of Snow Court with access to I St through narrow passage in the distance. (D. Vogt, Dec. 2022)

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