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D. Vogt, 2022



The cluster of houses at 8-20 Snows Court were designed and built in 1884 by Oliver Cox for developer Edwin Greer. Nos. 10-20 are extremely simple rowhouses, lacking any ornamental or architectural design.
The doors are at ground level, and generally lack ornamental features. The windows have shutters. The buildings end without a cornice giving them an unfinished appearance.

No. 10 sold for $172,100 in 1990 and in 2022 its estimated value was $621, 569. Its 720 sq, ft. has room for a fireplace, 2 beds and 1 bathroom.


1958 - Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gunther


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Crane Collection photo, 1950s

A vintage photo of 8, 9 and 10 Snows court. (Unknown)

View from 20 Snows Court looking west. (Robitscher collection, 1950s)

House as it appeared in the 1950s (Crane Collection, 1950s)

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