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FBA History Project Presents Poster at DC History Conference

This year was the 50th Anniversary of the DC History Conference, held April 4-6 at Martin Luther King Library. Denise Vogt and Frank Leone, Co-Chairs of the FBA History Project, presented during the “Poster Session” on FBA’s House History Map. Using a laptop, we could show people how the map and the house histories work together and the types of information available. We encouraged all who stopped by our table to contribute to the map with house research, photos and recollections. With over 1,000 people in attendance, FB was represented by residents Lorna Grenadier, Larry Lane and his daughter Danielle. Representatives from other history organizations were impressed with the project and offered additional resources – If you have information about buildings and residents in the Historic District – please contact Denise Vogt ( or Frank Leone (

FBA History Project Co-Chairs Denise Vogt and Frank Leone demonstrate the FB Historic District House History Map at the “Poster Session” at the 2024 DC History Conference.



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