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Year Built

1874 or 1860

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D.Vogt, 2022



The house was built by John and Margaret Leonard. No. 909 has a brick foundation with vinyl siding. It was built in 1874 (?) but renovated in 1938. It is notable for the exquisite tulip pattern on the front cast-iron stairway.


1860 - John Leonard and family. According to author, Alison Hoagland, John and Margaret Leonard built this house in the 1860s. John Leonard had recently immigrated from Ireland and bought two frame buildings on I Street. He moved his family into the house on the corner of 25th and I Street. The Leonard's lived next door to this house, above their since demolished grocery store. The house was rented for a while and then their son and his family lived here by 1900.
1880 - Michael Clancy and family, Patrick Welch and wife, renters
1900 - John Leonard's son and family
1958 -- Mrs. Jean D Huber
1958 ?- Richard Sullivan, Lee Nevill


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The sidewalk view of the house with the original decorative metal stairs and rails.

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