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D. Vogt 2022



The 2500 block of I Street features a variety of sizes and styles of working-class row houses. No. 2506 is a detached 2 1/2 story brick rectangular house, with newly rebuilt concrete steps leading to raised front door. The cornice is bracketed and dentilled with projecting eave.

A major house renovation was completed at No. 2506 in November 2022 to create three beds and four baths and a finished basement for a total of 1,970 sq. ft. During the renovation, a deep rough stone cooking area was uncovered on the middle level that had been concealed by drywall. The builder retained part of the original stone wall as an architectural feature. The original walls were red brick and rough stone. It had side windows that overlooked the narrow space between it and the adjacent house. The developer opted for a more "modern" looking dark grey exterior and black trim for the façade.


Mrs. Ella Kommerow and Edward Garvey, 1914


Source Material 

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2506 I St renovation exposed stone cook area, May 2022 (D. Vogt)

2506 I St renovations brick stone wall, May 2022 (D. Vogt)

2506 I St renovations rear façade, May 2022 (D. Vogt)

2506 I St rear patio renovation, May 2022 (D. Vogt)

2506 I St, pre-renovation, May 2022 (D. Vogt)

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