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Year Built


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D. Vogt, 2022


"New Houses Going Up," FBNews, March 1958


The current house is a two-story semi-detached brick house with a recessed curved brick entry. The cornice is simple, without any ornamentation and flat roof. The house matches 2504 I Street, except the small windows next to the front door do not line up.

As reported in the March 1958 issue of the FBNews, FB resident, "Pat Lauriat is building at 2502. Her new house has 2 large bedrooms and a big living room. She plans to rent her small house on Hughes Court."

In June 1966, the house and garden were viewed by many on the first FB house and garden tour.


1914 - Louis C Franke
1958 - Pat Lauriat (?)
1966 - Mr. and Mrs. Allen C Davis
-2021 - Paul McKee, sold house in 2021 (Prior to living on I St, he lived in Hughes Mews.)


Source Material 

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"New Houses going Up," FBNews, March 1958

Street view (D. Vogt, May 2022)

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